It's been a long day

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I woke up really early today like around 4:00am. So why am I still
awake I don’t know.

At the Chiro today I was tortured with acupuncture in my neck to try and release the jammed up neck. I came home rested it and iced it but didn’t nap. I really think today was a nap day that clearly missed out on.

And the bonus of the day a bone chip or tooth root came threw my gums this evening. Yep the pain that I was having is only in one spit now. Methinks that I still have one more chip that needs to get worked out.

I don’t think people are understanding that I’m coming into my room to decompress and everyone wants to talk to me here. Really hate being mean and it’s been to my mom and my DH mostly. I don’t want to shut the door because my pup Ranger likes to spend time with me & he doesn’t annoy me.

Going to sleep on my attitude and work on a better one for tomorrow.

I’m also going to track the wayward package that left the US for the Czech and it was out for delivery. Hmmmm I’m not in the CZ
With that I say good night

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