It's still SUMMER


hammock time

  • Summer is NOT over – September 21st is still weeks away
  • I’m sick of hearing the names Kardashian & Jenner
  • Oh yeah the Duggers too
  • I love summer (because of lupus the sun hates me)
  • I only have three doctor appointments this week
  • I am still reading MOBY
  • I like to colour again and yes I’m in my 40’s
  • I don’t want to hear about pumpkins, Christmas until after the 21st
  • I’m really impatient when I’m waiting for things
  • Why isn’t there a Plato’s closet in my city
  • My backyard tree loses leaves all year long – I like summer 
  • I’m so frustrated with my health or crappy health 
  • I love my family 
  • I didn’t finish my homework but it will get done
  • It’s August 25th so that is 27 days of SUMMER still
  • Enjoy the last weeks of SUMMER 
  • Dear Sun please come back


So Summer is my favorite time of year.  Do you have a season that you like more?  Don’t worry I won’t yell if you don’t like summer.

Journey with me … mini2z

mini2z journey with me

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  • Reply sfarnell

    Looking outside is nearly Christmas lol
    I’m fed up with all those names too. The Duggars annoy me, I mean they got famous by reproducing an awful lot. Still, each to their own. Enjoy your summer 🙂

    2015-08-25 at 10:48
    • Reply mini2z

      LOL it’s cold and dreary today but this weekend is supposed to be nice and sunny and warm

      2015-08-25 at 11:49
      • Reply sfarnell

        Where in the world are you then? I’m East of England and it’s much the same.

        2015-08-25 at 12:28
        • Reply mini2z

          In southern Ontario, Canada

          2015-08-25 at 21:25
        • Reply mini2z

          Just across the border from Detroit, Michigan in the U.S.

          2015-08-25 at 21:26
          • sfarnell

            Ah so you’re on another continent with the same weather as us here in Blighty. That’s unlucky… For you lol 🙂

            2015-08-26 at 09:37
          • mini2z

            Yeah it’s been a dreary day but summer is supposed to be back Saturday

            2015-08-26 at 16:00
  • Reply Tessa

    Spring for me…warm, not hot and humid and new things start growing.

    2015-08-25 at 11:07
    • Reply mini2z

      I like spring too our tree with the ever falling leaves gets suck pretty flowers that have a nice smell. Only bad thing is mud and pups

      2015-08-25 at 11:50

    Thank you for visiting me at mini2z ... Journey with me and I hope to see you often xx

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