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00:00  It’s midnight and I just finished some raspberries & blackberries after taking my bedtime medications only six pills! My hubby picked them up for me because they didn’t have any pomegranates and they were yummy.

I have to be at the hospital in eight hours for an echocardiogram because I’m still having chest pressure.  I saw my rheumatologist and got a cortisone shot in my hip, a I think you need your gall bladder out and reduce your prednisone in a week.  Thankfully or not I know all about steroids and weaning your body off of them.

I started writing now because I’m very nervous and really hope it’s nothing but I’m a pessimist and that will not change.

One of the pupalups, Keely has been snoring in my room for a couple hours.  She got a couple dropped berries when I cleaned them, she knows momma is a messy klutz!

12:12 am So I’m going to save this and find something on tv on my iPad to occupy my brain until the morning.

01:00? Finally fell asleep

07:00 woke up and needed to use the bathroom but stood up and realized my right hip really freaken hurts. So the shot going further forward yeah hit the spot but hurts the spot. So now I’m going to  – okay changed my mind – I got up and trying to get comfy with a tea. I guess this goes to show me one day can be good the next day will suck.

My sweet mommy (yes I’m 46) made me a tea. Logged into my actual computer and realized I had to get to the hospital for the echocardiogram.

Hubby took me and it was just basically an ultrasound of the heart.  Well half way through a second technician came, seemed like a boss and redid parts of the test. I know techs can’t give you info session no clue what they saw but heard them say “shadow” and now I’m trying not to worry.

Hubby said he was going to McDonald’s for a coffee and all I could think about was an egg mcmuffin so I had him bring me through the drive through on the way to the doctors boy was that yummy.

Checked my emails en-route and found that my employer was trying to get me into a meeting but my association was going in on my behalf. Literally I left the hospital and an sitting waiting for my 10:30 appointment.  Nothing like throwing more stress on me.

10:35 doctor appointment all is on track, keeping on the positive path.

11:27 home bound damn my hip hurts like hell!

11:45 stopped at the local florist and my hubby bought me a dozen carnations just because. He also bought our daughter a really nice canvas that lights up with a pretty saying.   We went next door for some lunch meat and fresh bread (for him) but the real reason was to see if my debit card would work where he gets his cigarettes.  Yes it does so he has a problem with his card.

12:05 home, my mommy made me a tea, I’m settled in on the couch wondering about the pain.  When I sat down I screamed out because it hurt so bad.  I have NO pain tolerance but it has gotten better for the general aches and pains. Both of the pupalups came to check out what was wrong!

I’m also the home tech person and my mom said she had some warning come up on her phone.  We turned off her data because if she is outside (in the smoking room aka the patio) the WiFi doesn’t always work there. Well in checking the internet account, my mom has used no data, me only a 174 MB, then 620 MB for hubby, 2.1 G for the girlie and drumroll please 10.6 for the boyo?  We have 30G for the five of us to share on the new plan but 10G what the heck?

Hunt to get some pain relief as Tylenol isn’t working.

14:33 I’m a 24 hour time person and have been since I was a young teen and was in Army Cadets.  Well this mark of my day celebrates that I’ve completed Christmas shopping for my oldest kidlet.  The youngest has a huge list and the second youngest has one albeit expensive item that will be a birthday and Christmas gift and the 2nd oldest yeah no clue and daughter in law….but hey one down and five to go.  It doesn’t help that both my kidlets birthdays are both less than a month before Christmas.

15:35 moved to the bed to try and get comfy as I hurt. There is a nice breeze coming in but someone’s dog is barking non stop.  Also, our huge picture window in the living room has no windows that open. Windows are on the list of to be fixed so that will have something that opens eventually.

15:45 I really think I need a nap

18:00 yeah for not napping! Well I couldn’t get comfortable so I just laid there willing the pain to go away. That didn’t happen either.  So I made a Throwback Thursday album on facebook, paid a bill and struggled to get up when my pup was yipping to come in.  He makes this little eeep sound.

21:00 I watched the season premiere of Grey’s and I’m still in bed. I believe I had a nap because I have some brain fog. Yes that’s a real thing.

23:00 I’m finishing this up and taking my bedtime medications, listening to a neighbours dog that’s been barking all day and grateful that today was still better than its been for the last week and a half. I have two more doctors appointments tomorrow at 9am and 11:15. I’m tired even though I’m in pain I know I need sleep.

So that was a day in my journey.


I hope you were able to see what a day is like in a Journey with me  … mini2z



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  • What a day. I hope they saw nothing. I hate those shadows. I just had one on my mammo. It turned out to be a cyst.

  • Thank you for visiting me at mini2z ... Journey with me and I hope to see you often xx

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