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This Christmas I was able to spend it with my gram.  She’s 91 and a half! She’s so much more healthier than I am.  No really!  This is my daughter, my mom, my grams and me on Christmas morning.  We had to share grams with my uncle as he’s moved back from Panama.   It’s always nice getting four generational photos.  We had a quiet Christmas morning with mimosas.  I froze a raspberry in orange juice and used them in the glasses.  I don’t have champagne glasses so modified it with my Moscow Mule mugs.

Se, mommy, gram-mim and me

The pupalups got new beds for Christmas too.  We wanted something smaller because the huge round bed was always moved and tripping my husband.  The beds look too small for them but they’re cuddle beds and meant for them to curl into a ball in them.

Me on Christmas morning

On of the best things I did was buy these bags ^^^^ from RuMe or MyRuMe for all the girls.  I realize I forgot to get one for my oldest niece.  Sorry Saige.  My daughter said, “are these our stockings this year?” and my reply was I would think so because the pups ate yours last year!  The older kids said I spoiled them but I had fun shopping (most was online and a trip to Chapters).

I had a good two days of Christmas with family but I’ve been in bed since Boxing day.  Today is the first day that I’m upright and not as exhausted as I’ve been for the past few days but that’s how it is with Lupus and Fibromyalgia, you do too much and you need to rest after sometimes for days because of it.

I really enjoyed my family time and am now sick of turkey.

My featured image is because I really want to be at a beach in the shade in a hammock reading my books.

So how was your holidays?  With family? Without?  Anything fun?

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