I shared Stacey’s first review and now her second!
I ordered a medium box and waiting so patiently for the shipping to be emailed.
Harper, the owner and sole employee is processing 50 boxes a day and that is amazing.
So what do you Relish?


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  • Thanks Kristin! I really appreciate the support of my blog. I need to read more of your posts because I also suffer from a “silent illness” (PTSD) and most people think I’m just exaggerating or making a big deal of nothing. The terms PTSD and Fibromyalgia themselves just seem like buzz words that make a lot of people just treat you like you’re nuts or whatever. I hate it……

    Also, I guess if I am going to keep posting my own photos I will have to invest in a better camera – did you see the comment about how my pictures aren’t quality enough?! Lol. At least they are on my body – so whatevs!

    • I share a lot on my Facebook page for the blog on ptsd – I love that fibromyalgia has caused me to have to get cortisone shots in both hips
      Cameras – I was going to go for a canon rebel T3 but found a T5 for $100 cheaper
      I found that Amazon was the best place to buy after research & I research the shit out of things!
      There is a timer feature too & it’s supposed to be wifi but I’m not there yet!
      I really do love your reviews <3

  • Thank you for visiting me at mini2z ... Journey with me and I hope to see you often xx

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