Little House on Lena

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Where did I live when I was twelve? I moved so much that it strikes me that I may have lived in a little rented house on Lena. It was yellow and small. The kitchen was nice and big though. There was this huge heating grate in the middle of the living room. My room was yellow with built in drawers and cupboards with a window seat. I loved that window seat. We only lived there for a short while, maybe less than two years. The house was cute but yard work wasn’t something that my mom or I wanted. We moved to an apartment after this house.

Maybe moving so much when I was a kid is why I wanted my kidlets to stay in the same house and school. I can’t even count the times we moved as a I was growing up. I think I only remember this house because my neighbours played with a BB gun and were shooting at each other and a BB went into one’s side and they didn’t want to tell their parents. Well surgery and a two week hospital stay is why I don’t like BB guns to this day.

I dream on claw foot tubs and window seats though!! My dream house has booth.

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