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In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Singular Sensation.”

I write a lot about my illnesses and the depression that has set in as a result.  If I could help one person or many people to know there is help, someone will listen to you but first you have to tell someone about what’s going on.  As much as we wish it could be people cannot read out minds.  Now that I’ve shared with my family they can see the signs in me when I’m having a particularly bad day.  When I updated my blog, I changed my tagline to Journey with me because I’m on a journey and keeping my fight going.

I recently got inspiration from Jared Padalecki and his #AlwaysKeepFighting cause.  He’s a star on a little show called Supernatural and he does not know me but he still touched me.  He has been fighting depression and is open about it.  He posts some great things on his Facebook page.

I also recently found Project Semicolon and the premise is strong to me.  You see as a writer if you use a ; it means you have more to say and the basis behind Project Semicolon is “My story isn’t over;”

All of my illnesses have depression as a symptom but my story isn’t over and I’m going to always keep fighting and I encourage you to as well.

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