I know I have my health problems in my about me section but I want to write about the struggles. I have had Hashimoto’s Hypothyroidism for almost twenty years. My body is killing or attacking my thyroid on a constant basis. In November I finally convinced my doctor to change my medication from a synthetic thyroid medication to a natural dissected thyroid medication or a NDT. Just over a year ago I was diagnosed as a diabetic at 43 years of age. So I was a type 2 diabetic. A few short months later I was told I was a type 1.5 or a LADA. That’s when I did the what the heck is that? Well LADA is Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults. So my body is attacking my pancreas. What I have learned that if you have one autoimmune disease you tend to get more.  I wasn’t exhibiting anything that would put me as a type 2.  I had no family history, I wasn’t overweight and nothing else seemed to fit except my insomnia.  So at that time I was put on Metformin to control the diabetes.  After about six weeks I was able to tolerate it well.  Then they added Trajenta as my sugars were going up in the mornings after a low carb breakfast.   I have been off work since January because both of these invisible illnesses.  I should have taken longer time off to deal with my messed up metabolism back when my thyroid went wonky in 2012,  Since January I’ve gone on a gluten-free diet cutting out the bad carbs of bread, pasta and other processed foods.  I feel so much better with not craving sweets and bread anymore.   So two nights ago I should have went to the hospital, my heart was racing, I was sweating, in pain, nauseous with a headache on the low end migraine scale.  My friends on my LADA forums thought I was in Diabetic Keytosis. Finally last night I tested my keytones and they were fine because after two days I would have went to the hospital.   I don’t know what is ahead for me because I was depressed and that is why I am off of work.  I am much better, more so than when my thyroid was out of whack in 2012 and when I was diagnosed with the LADA.  It’s a long hard road finding me again but I have.  My family has been with me through this journey and I thank them for everything they’ve done.  Without them and my doctor I wouldn’t have found the happy me again.



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    • No the RAI is for Graves and I haven’t got that one yet. My body is doing a great job of getting rid of mine all on its own. I’m taking a Natural Thyroid medication. – the synthetic was making me worse. The NDT comes from pig thyroid & it’s what normal people produce in their bodies & it’s working. Just takes time

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