May is a Big Month for Advocacy and Awareness


May is a busy month for awareness and advocacy.  Several of my illnesses are at the front and centre in May.  Lupus Awareness, Fibromyalgia Awareness, Arthritis Awareness, Mental Health Awareness and National Nurses Week.

I add the nurses to this list because my daughter is in school to be a nurse.  Nurses are the ones who are there for us.  I have great doctors but nurses can be your lifesavers.  They spend more time with us patients than our doctors do most of the time.  I battle lupus, fibromyalgia, arthritis, anxiety and depression.

The list on the site for May is:

Mental Health Week – May 7 to 13
National Nursing Week – May 7 to 13
World Lupus Day – May 10
Fibromyalgia Day May 12                                                                                                                                International Nurses Day – May 12*

In the United States, the list of awareness days for May is considerably longer.  This is the list on  

I’ve set up a facebook page for Lupus support for the residents of Windsor – Essex County.  My hope with the support group is to have actual in-person support meetings.  We currently have a branch of Lupus Ontario and there is a Lupus Walk on June 2nd, 2018 at Roseland Golf and Country Club.

Join a walk, help at a walk, volunteer to help someone this May.  Say thank you to your nurses.

What are you advocating awareness for in the month of May?

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  • I am interviewing my sister for Fibro Awareness Day on Saturday – thanks for making us aware of everything that is going on at the moment – there is so much on this month 😀 Lowen @

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