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ˈ  mīˌɡrān/
  •  a recurrent throbbing headache that typically affects one side of the head and is often accompanied by nausea and disturbed vision
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I have been getting migraines since I was about 22 years old.  That was the first time I remember having to be in bed in a dark room taking medication for the pain and nausea.  It lasted about three days.  I don’t remember if that was the first time I ended up in the emergency room for it or if it was the next one.  They came on shortly, I say shortly but it was about a month or so later, after I had slipped and hit the back of my head on my dining room table.  I had a head CT scan and was referred to a neurologist who told me there was nothing that he could see that was causing my migraines and there was no way that hitting my head caused the onset.  He explained that some people just get migraines.  I get the aura with mine and my head feels like it weighs like a brick for a week or so after.  I found out that other family members have or get migraines as well.  I knew that my mom got “headaches” but I had no clue how bad a migraine was until I experienced that first one.  I am writing about migraines today because I’ve had one since last Thursday.  Yes, it is now Wednesday and I’m still suffering. I’ve tried to figure my triggers over the years but there has been only one constant, stress.

In the past week, I’ve had a massage, been to the dentist (my left side of my jaw is hurting) and to the chiropractor.  I’ve been in bed more than I’ve been out and feel all I’ve done is take my medication, sleep and ice the back of my neck and jaw.  I had been falling asleep to a soothing meditation music and will be taking a meditation class tomorrow.  A migraine is not anything that I’d wish on my worst enemy, that being said, I hate that both of my children have inherited this from me.
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  • I started to get them at about 22 as well, just out of the blue. We thought it was stress, it was my job, it was my marriage – it was school. The first doctor I saw was of no help and told me to take asprin and to relax. It took me going to another doctor years later and then seeing a neuro to get things to be where I am now and somewhat under control. Weather here has been crazy and making me flare up bad as of late, so I can understand you having issues lately, I’ve been struggling the past few weeks.
    We’ve done 2 steroid tapers in the last month to give me SOME relief. They want me to do botox, but I’m afraid. I’m going to try acupuncture, but it’s expensive and my insurance won’t help me.
    Do you get stiff in the neck as well? My neck has been driving me crazy lately. You mention a chiropractor – does that help you get migraine relief?

    • Yes If you could see me with my travel neck pillow! Weather is s key too for me. DH said he’s putting the air on in the am as it’s going to be almost 90 tomorrow. Chiro does help – my neck is one huge knotted mess. I go back Tuesday. Botox is one thing I haven’t tried but at this point I’m willing!

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    Sending this oldie out well due to the current migraine activity my brain and body have been experiencing

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