Moments of Nostalgia Writing Challenge

Poppa Jack and My Kidlets

My poppa Jack was my first love. I was his girl too. I see this photo and it invokes so many memories of my life with him. It also brings tears to my eyes because he is no longer with us. This photo is my kidlets at five and two with their Poppa Jack. They’re smiling and Poppa eyes are smiling. I know he’s with me quite often even though it has been over five years since he’s passed away. I love that my kidlets got to have those special memories with Poppa as well. The first photo of Poppa holding my newborn babies are still on display in my china cabinet because they were such special moments that I cherish. He didn’t want to hold the babies until they wouldn’t break but he melted when I put those babies into his arms. I miss him but he was my rock and stability in my life. This photo brings smiles, laughs and tears when I see it. It’s prominently displayed in my living room and I look at it often. Love you Poppa and the kidlets do too!

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