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Monday is never a good day for most.  It marks the start of workweek for many but for me it’s just another day and a crazy one at that.  I don’t get structured days off and I’ve been on vacation.  It’s not been a good vacation due to illness and I feel like the Monday Mishaps is a good way to describe my day.

– Keely my Labrador decided to be greedy with the new toy from BarkBox and had Ranger my Boxer literally fly up onto the couch, onto me and somehow turned around without breaking my computer.  Then he refused to get down because she was being mean.

How could they not love each other?

How could they not love each other?

– My mom found a Canada Post Delivery tag from the 18th in my mailbox.  I’ve been home this whole past week but then again I could have been sleeping.  When I dragged on clothes to go the post office I couldn’t find the paper with the claim number on it.  I took a chance and went without it. Package retrieved thankfully!

– Had to get a dog food and some groceries.  At the pet store they directed me to a completely Canadian Brand called Lifetime that should be okay for my Ranger.  He’s been reacting to the Limited Ingredient Blue food that we have had for the past few months.  I did some reading and found that they changed owners in the past month or so.  The food never affected Keely but Labs have iron guts.  Ranger finished he homemade chicken, rice and veggies food that we make up when they have upset tummies.

– Groceries went to a store I have only been to once or twice before and they had a lot of deals on.  I resisted and only bought the basics except milk.  Seriously how could I forget MILK?  Hopefully my boyo sees the text to bring milk home!

– Leaving the grocery store there a lady screaming and cussing up a storm at a car that took her parking spot.  Well the car wasn’t even in an actual spot and we were right next to it and leaving but she was too enraged to see that.  A perk of shopping with my mommy, she’s had both hips replaced and may need one done again.

– I get home and finally realize where my make up bag is.  It’s IN the trailer to which I can’t find my keys.  I haven’t taken all my stuff out from last weekend because I’ve been sick.  So I’ve had no need for make up and was completely baffled where I could have put it.  So I find the keys in the boyo’s room.  That alone is taking your life into your own hands.

– I get the comforters that need to go to the laundromat ready to go into my car,  Well I forgot to bring those keys out with me.  You see my husband said I had too many keys on my key ring.  So now I have my cars, his car key, my work key set and my trailer keys all separate sets.  That’s four sets of keys to lose.  While I’m sitting there with the comforter in my hand with a locked car I find a mark in my new car.  WHAT!?! There is a mark in my rear bumper like someone with a lower car hit it.  It’s the same size as a licence plate screw.  I’m NOT happy.

– Oh yeah it’s Monday, I’ve enough mishaps but my washer is currently dancing across my laundry room floor, the dogs are barking and I need to get something else out of the trailer.  Oh yeah, I found the slip I need for Canada Post in the dog treat basket.

I’m going to put fresh sheets on my bed, curl up with the remote and a glass of apple juice and pretend it’s wine.

So how was your Monday?

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