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                                                              Monday Musings with mini2z

  • Weekend goals achieved all but one
  • The one was going out alone – couldn’t do it
  • Been in pain for a week
  • Lupus Sucks
  • I have a bedroom and a couch again – closet put back together
  • Pupalups had a fight yesterday and Keely has a cut ear
  • Tuesday I get delivery from Chef’s Plate  and the meals I picked were Top Sirloin Steak and Italian Tomato Salad and Moroccan Spiced Lamb – the meals are for four and we have five people in the house BUT one doesn’t like steak and the other said “yuck” about the lamb
  • I shall photograph the process and see how it goes
  • Yeah the cortisone shot has done NOTHING for my right hip
  • It’s a low doctor week with just my functional Neurologist and a follow up test with my Occupational Therapist present
  • I cooked chili for dinner and my son said I should enter a chili cook off as I make a good chili (complement taken)
  • my chili taste different every single time I make it
  • Happy that I will have food and clothes delivered to the house this week
  • We have ants in our dishwasher – how can they live after being cooked daily?
  • Using a Pinterest recipe of water, sugar and borax soaked in cotton balls all over the kitchen
  • I want a camera lens and it’s only $1300
  • Sending some positive thoughts out to fellow lupie Sarah today #yougotthisgirl
  •      I’m working on my blog post for the blogging award I was nominated for.

I’ve added this blog to Inspire Me Mondays at Mostly Blogging I’m the 150th link added today and my link is on the first page!

So what are you musing about on this sunny Monday morning?

Journey with me … mini2z


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  • I hope you feel better soon! I know there’s no cure for lupus but I hope you have a relief of symptoms soon.

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