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  • My sugars have been crazy high and it explains why I’ve had a headache
  • Ranger is feeling better today but will go to the Vet’s this afternoon if he gets sick again so thank you for your prayers!
  • The crazy pups bark at any dog going down the street but Keely will then go and grab a toy because she wants them all to come play with her!
  • My daughter is home sick – she came home from work last night and just didn’t feel right so she’s getting extra sleep
  • It was nice and sunny all weekend but today is quite dismal out with a 20% chance of rain but a rain warning?
  • It was too cloudy here last night to see the Lunar Eclipse Blood Red Moon
  • I My Daughter picked our Chef’s Plate meals for next week Garlic Butter Steak and Turkey Cutlets #2mealsFrommini2z is a referral tag for two free plates or $44 off of an order of fresh food delivered to your home – there wasn’t anything we liked this week so we skipped it and it’s so easy to do
  • I have an appointment with my Occupational Therapist at Costco tonight to work on my anxiety
  • Our neighbour behind us sent over more Risotto so we got her some flowers.  She made my mom drink an espresso
  •  I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed TV last night; Downton Abbey, Once Upon a Time, CSI – the two hour finale and then Fear the Walking Dead.  I have a really crazy range of TV that I like.
  • I only have one doctor appointment this week but hoping that he has some answers from the hospital last weekend and the echo-cardiogram
  • I have started my Christmas shopping and love online sales!  Oldest kidlet done, youngest half done.
  • I added stuff to my wishlist for what I’d love for Christmas / birthday / mother’s day / just because
  • I had a pumpkin spice latte on Friday but I don’t think I like them, I’ll stick with my Skinny Vanilla Lattes.  I only get myself a Starbucks treat once a week but obviously enough that I’ve earned myself a gold card.
  • My daughter got a hold of my water bottle and wrote all over it – S’well bottles are the best and stay cold for 24 hours. I really love the 25 oz bottle but they’re so hard to find and I need to find an ice crusher – we used to have one but it’s gotten lost over the years but we need it because the only drawback is you need small ice cubes or crushed ice
  • I’m happy that we have switched to cable internet as everyone has been able to use their computer, phone, other internet devices and everything is working and not lagging.

    Keely and Ranger – the pupalups this morning checking out the workers across the street


    Art on my S’well bottle by Se

So this is all I’m Musing about today but after looking at my stats Mondays and Thursdays are my best posting days.  I hope my musings are enough of a variety for everyone to enjoy.  How was your weekend? Any plans for this week?

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