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A bit of an update from the past week:

  • I had a Costco date with my OT not quite a panic attack but was a very high anxiety for me but that’s why K was there with me.
  • I got fitted for new contacts and so far I can wear them almost six hours which is three more that I was with the previous ones #lupussucks
  • I got a new prescription for Zofran which is an anti-nausea medication so far I’m not finding it working too great
  • I go for a Hida Scan on the 8th for my liver, gall bladder and ducts. This will give them a better understanding of the sludge and if there is more wrong because of the pain.
  • I can’t believe how mean my two youngest who are 17 and 20 can be to each other.  Really want them to be peaceful.
  • I’m hoping my daughter and I can go on a four night trip to New York, NY in May or June but I need my health to keep improving.
  • I have to admit it really is fall now.
  • I received some awesome stuff from Found in Wonderland including my Little Box of Wonders and it is amazing. I also received three tops I ordered and they are even more awesome in person.  So for the three coming in six items will be added to the Thread Up bag or to donate.  If you click the link you will get $20 to spend in the store.  They only take certain brands of gently pre-loved clothing, shoes and handbags.
  • I need to figure out what lens I really want most for Christmas, 50 mm or I don’t know but I want IS or Image Stabilization on it
  • I also what this type of kitchen cart to replace our small table and chairs that we don’t use 
  • I’m pretty exhausted for what reason? Lupus is my guess…
  • I didn’t cave and the heat did not go on in the house.  Its a nice 72 degrees in here….

So what has Monday brought you?

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