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  • IMG_0045feel like all I do is complain but I hurt all the time, I’m sleeping so much.
  • nothing showed on my HIDA scan, so I’m getting referred back to a gastroenterologist (no idea how it is spelled)
  • I was able to get my flu shot and thankfully other than a huge welt it didn’t make me feel worse
  • I went to yoga on Friday night with my occupational therapist and survived, no panic attack and forgot how calming it was
  • I cooked dinner for the family from the Chef’s Plate Garlic Steak meal we had sent to us.  My boyo refused to eat but the rest of us loved it.  Modified the potatoes and used my Epicure garlic rosemary seasoning on them.  I would make this meal again in a heartbeat.  I’m not a big meal cooking person
  • because of the meal, I realize my spices are all over the place and I need about four dozen new spice containers so if you have any suggestions I’m open to hearing them
  • I’m happy that my secret spooky’s last gift came in so I can mail her gift out now
  • My daughter and I found that there is one final Stargate convention in September next year.  I have all the DVD’s but she has stolen them from me.  We will make plans to go to that in 2016.
  • I started watching a British TV series called. “Death in Paradise” and its set in the Caribbean thus adding to my wanderlust and need to just be somewhere, in a hammock, no wifi, books and ocean breezes
  •  My most popular Pinterest Boards are Travel Tips, Hammocks and Wanderlust.  I think that I’m not the only one that needs an escape.  The fourth one is the My Style board.  
  • Have you been to Vegas?  How long did you stay for?  If you don’t gamble what did you do?

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  • I’ ve been there a few times. I am not a card player /gambler. I will play the cheap slots for a short while.
    I went mainly because of the shows the first time. I won a free trip there once. Bobby and I were there for 2 days, We were going to and coming back from someplace.
    Loved it but wouldn’t want to go very often. Not on a bucket list by any means.

    • Just a spot for moms from Canada, all over the US, the UK, New Zealand meeting up again
      Tattoos may be involved too

      • I know this is an older post, but sounds fun ! I’m not a Vegas lover, but it’s ok, I would go just to see replicas of things from other countries. Cause God knows I’ll never get to go to other countries. Not feelin like this the rest of my life…..

        • Well it seems like we’re not going this year with needing to plan logistics so far in advance because of the four different continents that we all are from. I’m not a gambler and I know people go twice a year or yearly but it was just picked at a cheap place for everyone to fly into

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