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  • What I learned on week one of the 21 day fix and shakeology
    • I didn’t think I would be full – I was
    • I didn’t think I could do it – I did
    • I surprisingly don’t like the chocolate shakeology but LOVE the Vanilla
    • my shakes have to be completely frozen like a milkshake or slushie
    • I ate really well and LOVE the 21 day fix app on my iPhone

I found this photo on Pinterest and it’s a great 21 day fix info graphic


  • my body is messed up more from my medication adjustment on Thursday, I hate that it takes weeks to months for things to take effect on my body
  • we brought the pupalups to Petsmart for baths and I received the call the Keely wasn’t able to get her back nails done because she was stressed and had explosive diarrhea – grabbed some towels for my car and my daughter and went to pick them up.  Of course, she did her thing again outside the store – cleaned it up, her once we got home and she had pumpkin and then Imodium – poor girl is the reason they get baths because the oils in her skin cause her to just smell like a wet dog….
  • I woke up today in another flare, fever, total body pain, headache and nausea and I was feeling good this past week
  •  I want someone to make this advent wine cart for me  

We love our S’well water bottles here: the black one is only water & my grey one is for infused water or tea.  I don’t like if a container has had anything but water in it and I can’t drink tap water.  If ice cubes thaw in a drink I can taste the water. 


So how are you? 

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