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This Monday see me writing my first post of 2016.  I’ve been thinking what will I write?  I did the I don’t and I will as my last post for 2015.  I didn’t want to make resolutions or promises that I couldn’t keep to myself.  I’ve been feeling worse over the last few weeks and will be talking to my doctors about it in the upcoming weeks.  On top of that, I am starting to get my daughter’s upper respiratory infection.  She’s said she wasn’t contagious but my hubby and my mom are getting it too.

  • I like my living room the way it’s been arranged for the tree to fit in the room.  So I think we will leave it this way for a while.
  • I’ve found lots of dog hair on the couch every morning and still haven’t caught either of the pupalups on the couch.
  • I’ve jumped on Netflix’s Making of a Murderer bandwagon.  The first episode was also released on YouTube.  After watching it you will have questions and the writers of the documentary answer them for BuzzFeed and if you’ve seen it and want to see what everyone is talking about there is a ton of information on Reddit.  I’m hoping someone in my house will finally watch it so I can talk about it!
  • My daughter and her crazy friend were up all night apparently and at one point they were playing pick up sticks with our silverware. I guess it wasn’t going so well with straws.
  • This is my last week without any doctor’s appointments. I hope that doctors that were supposed to submit letters by today have.  I usually receive a copy in the mail and today’s mail isn’t here yet.
  • I have shared a couple articles to the blog’s Facebook page that there is a blood test for Fibromyalgia and closer to finding a marker for better Lupus diagnosis.
  • The sun is shining and I love when it’s not gloomy in the house so I’m going to try and put away a few things before I get sucked into the computer for any longer.

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