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My Top NINE from 2015 on mini2z’s Instagram

Today I’m writing a wee bit late in the day as I had a doctor appointment this morning.  So today I’m musing about:

  • a few friends have updated their blogs and they look awesome so visit them at: Andi’s Attic and Hello Rigby
  • I’ve decided that I’m going to keep my living room the way it is and I want to make the wall a gallery wall.
  • img_2235
  • I’ve already cleaned up the board on the right with my “This is My Year” poster that came in my Happy Mail from A Beautiful Mess
  • I do want my Art Work from Bethany Joy Art to put on my wall too
  • il_570xN.777858667_7awu
  • I’ve resolved that I want to send out cards and letters.  I like getting mail and I think I have a few friends that would too.  In fact, I received a just hello card in the mail today.
  • Today has been a good day, I’m on the right track as per the doctor and back to her in three weeks.
  • I got my first ever French manicure. I had ripped a nail and thought I might as well get them done.  It’s been one year since I stopped biting my nails.
  • Both my kidlets got everything settled for school for this semester and a second parking permit is needed hopefully they figure it out…
  • On the weekend my girlie and hubby made Chicken Tortilla Soup and I made a Steak stir fry, different days and then yesterday my girlie made some meatballs in the crock-pot.  Needless to say, we are having leftovers for supper tonight.
  • I can’t say how much I’ve missed my Barry’s Irish Tea.  My supply has been replenished for a few weeks.  Yes, my tea comes from Ireland.  It’s just the best tea ever.
  • My Pinterest year end came and I have over 60000 views per month.  I really only use my Pinterest to post travel tips, wanderlust and hammocks.  60K, that’s a LOT

Journey with me … mini2z



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