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I’ve been out of commission for a few weeks now, more so than what’s been my new normal.  I’ve had the sinus infection from hell that just won’t go away.  I’m on my FOURTH round of antibiotics and it just doesn’t want to go away.  I only had three doctors appointments this last week and only one doctor’s and hopefully schedule a massage later in the week.  So if you have any suggestions on getting rid of a sinus infection, I’m all ears…nose…no really suggest away.

I somehow figured that my blog was boring and I wanted a bit more colour and slightly different format.  It’s still under construction as I get rid of widgets and add the main ones I want to have.  If you see something broken please let me know.

We had a visit from the bylaw officer reporting that the neighbours complained about my dogs on the Friday night at 11:00pm.  Well first my dogs are never out at that time of the night because well they’re lazy indoor couch potatoes.  They do their crazy barking around 6pm along with the neighbour’s three dogs this is usually before of after their dinner.  We had the dogs in very much more than usual because the fireworks just hurt Ranger’s ears and he whimpers which is very far from his deep bark.  Well last night he went out for a pee break or heard something and sure enough he went to the back corner of the yard which is the neighbour who told my mother, “shut the f-ing dogs up” the week before.  Ranger was doing what he does, protects his yard and humans.  So I think that the guy was there in the corner again and Ranger just doesn’t like him.  I wish we had the extra money for a privacy fence so he couldn’t creepily look into our yard and that the dogs on the side of us (three) wouldn’t see ours and vice versa.  The photo, “a Dog’s Life” is what Ranger does most days in the backyard, he has a hole dug and he lays in it and sun’s himself.

I watched the season finale of Outlander with my hubby last night.  I don’t know what the changes were because well my memory is horrid now.  I think I’m going to have to retread to keep up.  A friend tagged me and posted a funny on my Facebook wall about the show.  Hubby’s watching and saying I don’t remember that happening so maybe his memory was a wee bit better.

Did I mention it was hot?  Today has “special weather statement form 10:52 to 6:52 and that’s ALL it says.  No reason for the statement just that’s it’s special.  I think it’s because it’s HOT and HUMID.  I’ve only gotten dressed and not left the air conditioned house and I’m already sweaty.  Yes women sweat.

I’m trying to get back onto a schedule with Monday Musings and Thursday Thoughts committing myself to writing twice a week.

Update: chiropractor was good and scheduled for Friday now as well. My neck is jammed but good. 

How was your weekend?  

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