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Well today was a bit of a crazy day. I actually slept in! I only woke for a bit in the night and went back to sleep with more Benadryl.  You see I’ve developed this wonderfully horrific itchy rash.  It’s Lupus related but there is no rhyme or reason to it.  Hands, knuckles, left arm, left hip, both of my sides and some random spots on my face.  Oh it’s really itchy! 

Two doctors today, two tomorrow and one Friday.  I’m still waiting to hear from the Rhuemtologist.  

I sold the last Irish dance dress and happy that it will be getting to Australia before me!! The deal with the hubby was I sell the dress I can get the DSLR camera.  Well doesn’t take PayPal! The .com US version does but not the Canadian.  So I have to wait another day to order it.  I’ve found a really good price on the Canon T5 and a T3i – decisions?

The wedding weekend was a true wedding weekend.  It was such a beautiful albeit hot day and I love my new daughter in law.  

Congratulations Rachel & Mitch 

All the kidlets together

I bought an iPad 1st generation for the concussion training my brain, well only two of the four apps work.  Back to the hunt. It’s in mint condition; I just need iOS that is newer than 5.1.5 or whatever it’s maxed out at.  So if you’re looking for an iPad for reading, Netflix & social media I have one for sale!  It even comes with a case.  

It’s been busy, crazy busy and I feel bad because hubby had to bring me home early from the wedding because as soon as the DJ lights came on I got sick.  Then I was in bed all day yesterday.  The 48 hour effect in full play. 

So I will say goodnight on a Late Monday Musing.

Journey with me…mini2z


Journey with me…mini2z


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