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Monday Musings;

Kirations For Sale

Kirations For Sale Sold

I sold the pretty green Irish Dance dress to a young lady in Australia.  I was worried because I sent it via a shipping company that I had never heard of and I get a lot of packages!  Well last night I checked and it’s in Australia.  Hopefully it will be delivered to her soon.  I know she’s looking forward to trying it on.  We joked that the dress we be better travelled than either of us!


– hubby got his IV antibiotics out last night!!  Yeah!  He doesn’t have to carry around a “fanny pack” anymore.

– I am still itchy from the Lupus sun sensitivity and scratch myself so bad that I bleed in the night.  During the day I can stop myself but at night I think I’m going to have to sleep with gloves on or something.

– Blogging 201: I’ve received some great new followers, I’ve found some equally great new blogs and I’m learning so much from the assignments. As long as I don’t make the blog disappear again, all will be good!

senbriMy girls are going out today.  This is them when the little one was little and wearing her daddy’s leather jacket!  Bri is taking Se out for graduating high school.  I’m sure it will be a better place than my son picked.  He picked a pizza place solely for cheese in the crust or something like that.  I love to see that kids hanging out together.

mVnrbfpURiyM5d1SZI3u_OZ_7I’m going to be doing a review later this week on Oz Naturals Serum.  I received it free from Brand Backer and I have been using it for almost a week.  I love it and will continue to use it until it’s all gone!  More to come!

I did a couple extra blogs this weekend including yesterday’s about asking the RTW travel and is it better to go on a East to West or West to East?  Have you ever done something like this?  What are your experiences?  I’m afraid jet lag will put me in a bed for a couple days because of the Lupus exhaustion I get.

I’m excited as my new camera should be here today!  I ordered a Canon Rebel T5 DSLR when I sold the green dress.  I didn’t expect shipping on the dress to be so expensive but shipping on the camera was FREE! I like Free!

So what are you musing about this fine Monday morning?

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