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– First Monday inIMG_0185 August of five Mondays this month.

– The Blue moon on Friday was pretty cool.  I got a decent photo even though my camera was telling me to use a tripod.

– Yesterday the boys (in a their 20’s) went kayaking on the Saugeen River.  Well the weather turned really nasty quickly. What looked like a storm north of us turned out to hit bad.  Texted the boys but no response, called the company and no answer.  We were worried.  Call came thru and they’d built a shelter & we’re waiting it out & request hubby go get beer before the store closed. I then received two called imagefrom the amazing Thorncrest Outfitters.  The nice lady, Andrea said they were safely back and helped someone along the way.

– My Blogging University 201 is done but I’ve “met” a great group of bloggers from the group.  They’re supportive and great to bounce ideas off of.

– I keep my phone on Do Not Disturb and my kidlets know this but this morning I saw that my daughter sent me a text at midnight asking where she could find bandaids…really?

– I don’t know what it is but taking a shower now exhausts me and I find I have to rest after.

– I’ve added a couple of my photos of the blue moon and the approaching storm




The approaching storm ©mini2z

– I feel like I’m rambling today and feeling the “fibro fog” so I hope you enjoy the photos and have a good Monday.  Today is the Civic Holiday in Canada so a lot of people including my boys are enjoying a extra day off.

Journey with me…mini2z

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  • WOW, You weren’t joking about the bad storm there. I am so glad the boys made it back in one piece.
    Love this piece. I missed view Friday night. I slept it away…..I hate missing events like that. Although, even had I have been looking….we haven’t had a clear night in weeks. Missing that right now.
    It’s a shame about showers and baths.
    I love, love , love baths. Or I did.
    I took one last night for the first time in ages. Bubbles ….all of it.
    I couldn’t relax. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to get out and Danny was already asleep. As it turned out…..I use the toilet to help me out.
    There is no dignity in that.
    Even showers, like you say…are tough for me as well.
    I take them all day long. Hot flashes and just getting hot make me really sweaty.
    Stinky. So I take cool ones all the time.
    I feel good for that instant the water hits me. Then it almost hurts when it touches me.
    By the time I get out , I have to lie down on the bed. It is exhausting.
    I am rambling as well. Can’t you tell.
    Love your photos.
    Love your Monday Musings.

  • Thank you for visiting me at mini2z ... Journey with me and I hope to see you often xx

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