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Today I’m wondering how my children got to be so sarcastic?  I received a text last night from my dear sweet daughter after I texted her, “where are you?”  Reply was, “DEAD”  I explained it wasn’t funny and I don’t think she agrees.  I could always use the “find my iphone app” but I only use that if something is wrong and I’ve been ignored by either kidlet.


I also wonder why either of them have voice mail.  Do they check it?  I know they don’t leave messages if they call someone. It’s a feature on phones that comes with your package, USE IT!


I have two of my major doctor’s appointments this week.  I’m hoping for some medication changes and the addition of Plaquenil.

I swear this lupus rash is travelling my whole body.  It goes from one spot and then slowly and itchy its in different areas. Nothing seems to be helping and I’m scratching myself raw in my sleep.

I have been in a flare for days now and have been sleeping so much.  It’s not restorative sleep just an exhausted sleep.

Via Lupus Life
Via Lupus Life

I’m thankful for a great group of bloggers from the Blogging 201 and still supporting each other.

Did anyone start a Zero Day Project after yesterday’s blog post?

I wonder if I’m doing “pingbacks” right?

Lost in cyberspace?
Lost in cyberspace?

This is the first almost September that I haven’t registered a kidlet for Irish Dance in 14 years.  Feeling a little sad that both my kidlets are done dancing.  But if you live in Windsor – Essex County area and you want your kidlets to have fun, learn amazing skills, even more amazing lifelong friends and all around great character building then sign them up on Saturday for The Ardán Academy of Irish Dance.  Oh did I mention it’s a great workout too?

Ardan Academy Windsor Location
Ardan Academy Windsor Location

What are your musings this Monday?

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