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Hello and welcome to my Monday Musings. I created a new photo for the Monday Musings so that the blog on Pinterest might get even more traffic.  I believe that Pinterest picks up your featured image.  I like having a featured image with all my blog posts.  I like photos.  Blogging friend Wendy sent me the link to the wordpress Photography 101 course so I can work with it on my own.  I’m NOT ready for FALL or Christmas and hate that the holidays start getting promoted in July and August. Summer is NOT over until September 21st.  I’m a summer girl (who can’t be in the sun anymore) who loves warm breezes, a good book and lots of Hammock time.  For some reason my husband won’t let me set up the hammock in the living room.  I guess I could add one to one of the kidlets rooms when one of them moves out…



^^^^^^^  I love that photo from the Lupus and Me and there is great info on the website Lupus and Me.  Lupus has been kicking my butt this past week and I feel like all that I’m doing is sleep.  I’m out of spoons and determined to take a shower today.  Yes taking a shower can contribute to kicking your butt.  I have so many rash marks, scratched rash marks and I’m so bruised that it’s crazy.  

I watched Fear the Walking Dead last night.  It was okay but I knew that it was going to be at the beginning of the outbreak I felt it was a little slow.  I will keep watching or DVRing it.  Are there any new fall shows you’re looking forward to?  Any shows I like get cancelled so I’m not going to hope but I think CW’s Legends of Tomorrow is a good bet. I love Arrow and finally started liking the Flash.  You have to when they do so many cross overs.  

The pupalups should be getting their BarkBox today or tomorrow.  I’m interested to see what they put in for “heavy chewers”.  I’m always amazed at what toys they don’t kill.  Like the blue fish in the My Blog Spot photo below.  That fish is played with daily and usually ends up in our room during the night.   Barkbox was the first subscription box I got and they send such healthy treats sourced from Canada and the US.  If you want a free Barkbox you can click this link and you will get a free box with a subscription.  I was able to create the referral link for Keely and Ranger! I like that it’s only an extra $5.00 shipping to Canada.  

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My Sheepies Mugs
Tea and only tea for me

    The photos is of my living room where I usually blog.  Hunkered down in the corner with my computer, books, iphone and tea.  This morning was a Sheepie Mug day.  I decided to use the pretty reusable napkin from Bag and Wander August subscription box as a placemat.  I really think I need to ditch the glass from the table and see if my sister in law or niece will distress the table for me!  Glass and the Pupalups yeah it’s not a good thing.  So where do you blog?  In your room, on the go, cozy spot in your house, a cafe?  Let me know Where You Blog?

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