• Happy Labour Day in Canada and Happy Labor Day in the United States
  • My computer does not like words spelled the “Canadian/British” way like Labour 
  • Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday with family and friends
  • Everyone is home today so it’s nice to have everyone together
  • Well yesterday I tried a link up and got it working but it opened to a new page so going to play with it and see if I can get it to work. Everything I’ve learned on the computer has been self taught.
  • It’s been a rough week health wise along with some added stress = flare
  • my rash from the lupus is finally subsiding
  • I have been in a more depressed state all weekend because of the flare and stress
  • tomorrow my baby starts college and I wonder where my little girl with pigtail went to?
  • I miss that I can just go out and be in the sun and lay in my hammock to read but today I will try in the shade
  • I have three medical appointments this week and one more that I will have to schedule
  • Today I start #writing101 with WordPress and it’s Why I write…
  • We have to cook the Moroccan Lamb dish today
  • My son is planning on replacing his bumper in our driveway today 
  • My daughter is planning on cleaning her fish tank
  • My mom is going to bring my gram over for a visit 
  • I have no idea what my hubby has planned for today
  • I’m not ready for summer to be over as summer is my favorite time of the year
  • I add my blog to the Inspire Me Monday on Mostly Blogging 
  • Me … more tea…
  • So what are you doing today?  Do you have a holiday?  Or are you in a country that celebrates International Workers day in May? 
  • My little Se was only three or four here


    Journey with me … mini2z



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  • Awesome post. The Moroccan lamb sounds really good.
    Happy Labour Day to you up there in Canada.
    We aren’t doing anything today. Danny is still sleeping.
    It looks like it is going to rain. Again.
    Danny worked all weekend and oh was he busy. He is off today and tomorrow and then works another 7 days.
    I start Chemo tomorrow. I’ve thought of not doing it. Still on the wall about it. I just hate the thought of what it will do to me. It was bad enough 12-13 years ago when I had stomach cancer. That was major. I had a huge tumor. This was so small. Hardly noticeable. Which is why it was missed the first time the x ray was taken.
    xxxxxx you

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