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It’s Tuesday and I’m doing my Monday Musings.

  • It’s been a really rough couple weeks as far as the illnesses go. I’m sore, more nauseous than normal and sleeping so much.
  • I’ve felt uninspired maybe because I’ve been so sleepy?
  • I survived having my baby away visiting her friend at university for the weekend and thankful to technology
  • I really wish I was on a beach in a hammock in the shade of trees of course.
  • I only watched snippets of the election last night but I voted and took my son so that he could vote for his first time.
  • It’s supposed to be warmer today than it’s been, almost 70 in fact but for now it looks cold and windy out.
  • part of my therapy is to get out and get a 20-30 minute walk so that will start today.
  • I love the cabinet – counter space that my mom and gram got me for an early Christmas present. There is no clutter in my kitchen now.
  • Killer is next – that is our pantry’s name – it’s a mess hence the nickname
  • I’m thankful for online shopping because I’m almost done Christmas shopping.
  • I was really excited for the new Star Wars Trailer that came out yesterday
  • I’m not sure where the movies are going as it seems like the books from this timeline are not going to be the same
  • I go to yoga on Friday with my occupational therapist and right now I’m looking forward to it
  • Only one doctor’s appointment this week 
  • my hubby is home today and tomorrow but he’s still sleeping and so are the pupalups
  • I think it’s time for another tea
  • what do you do when you’re uninspired? 

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