I can’t wait to hang this beautiful mixed media painting my Bethany Joy Art on my Gallery Wall 


Today I’m musing about Monday Musings…

  • I guess I’ve been AWOL from my blog for a while
  • I’ve been tired, nauseous, in complete pain, I’m not eating much and what I do eat makes my stomach more sensitive, I can’t tolerate many spices, taking showers feels like I’m being stabbed with a million needles at once and I’m not sleeping well








  • my infection in my gums is gone so I was at the second of many dentist appointments to fix the cavities.   Lupus apparently has another disease that causes dry eyes and dry mouth and not producing that saliva causes the cavities to multiply
  • my mouth is still frozen so drinking a cup of tea is kind of tricky so I don’t wear it!
  • Ranger literally jumped as high as our window sill this morning because my teacup fell over onto the floor.  He’s been afraid if you move to fast and of loud noises after my hubby’s S’well bottle fell to the floor in the middle of the night last month.         It was LOUD!
  • img_2461

    Ranger The Scared pupalup 

  • I find I go into a room to do something and forget what I was going to do and this scares the crap out of me.
  • My daughter has decided that she wants to go to Mexico with her girlfriends.  Her argument to us was, “mom went to Cuba when she was my age” and she’s right.  I remember my grandparents driving me to Toronto because they didn’t believe that I was going for just $199.  I was an awesome trip!  The girlie has the wanderlust and I will keep hounding her to stay with the friends, don’t go alone anywhere, don’t leave a drink unattended.
  • My map came in for the gallery wall I’m planning and it’s smaller than I thought it would be.  My daughter wants it for her room.  I had credit with the store so I bought a bigger unframed one.
  • img_2399-1

    I love this map

  • I’m trying to figure if I should keep up with all black frames in this room or if I should add some white and silver frames…too many decisions because once something is up it’s staying there because we have plaster walls.  Apparently, plaster is harder to hang stuff on than drywall.
  • I’ve cancelled almost all of my subscription boxes except for Happy Mail and Popsugar Must Have from the US and Luxe Box which is quarterly from Canada but they now ship the United States!!! (the links are referral)  Popsugar is my favorite box and the February box is amazing! I saw the spoilers.  Happy Mail is well cards and and inspirational poster each month. Luxe box is all beauty stuff and it’s only once a quarter and I’ve found some pretty awesome products in those boxes.
  • Have you ever been to a Painting Party?  They have them at bars and restaurants and you learn to paint a specific piece of art and all the supplies are provided and food and drinks available at the location that is chosen.  I have one painting that I really want to try but it’s always sold out.  
  • img_2358

    I love this painting and it’s always sold out….a caption


No I didn’t watch the Superbowl or the halftime show.  I’m a hockey girl.  That’s all I’m musing about today…

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