Today I’m adding a bit more to my Monday Musings:

  • I was really out of it last week and not feeling the writing because well – depression and lupus
  • I’m back!
  • Today I’m starting the 21 Day Fix with Shakeology 
  • I spent the past few days planning, prepping, chopping, organizing meals, fruits, veggies, freezing coffee (for the shakes)
  • I’m doing a modified fix exercise plan but it will include walking and yoga as my doctors wanted me to do and we have an exercise bike that I need to find since it’s covered in hockey equipment (the boyo’s mess)
  • I am still or again in a blogging group and it is concentrated on improving your blog theme and truth be told I forgot about it but happy to be part of the group.
  • We had no kids for Halloween and that’s two years in a row.  Our street is dark, houses are farther apart and it wasn’t a nice day.  We expected to not have any because of the forecast.
  • Somehow I got an infection in my foot and my lupus rash has decided that it likes my face now.
  • Pain has been constant and I try to keep ahead of it and my moods.  Apparently the walking is going to help with the depression?  We shall see.  Yes I’m a pessimist. 
  • My girlie has been working a LOT and is run down and wasn’t feeling well last night and this morning.  She went to her second class so I’m hoping she will feel a little better.
  • My Pinterest board has been so busy with three boards in particular that are busy, Travel Tips, Hammocks and My Style boards.  Check them out, poke around and see if anything interests you.
  • Don’t forget the pupalups, Keely and Ranger have their own Instagram @keelyandranger
  • I have a roast to get ready for dinner, chicken to cube for tomorrow’s dinner.  I’ll be posting the photos on my Instagram at mini2z but I’ve added a couple I took yesterday.




I hope you enjoy your journey with me …




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