Monday Musings with mini

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Monday Musings with mini

I thought I’d try something new and make it weekly.

 plural noun: musings
  1. a period of reflection or thought.

I have a couple doctor appointments later in the week.  One is the one that I couldn’t get into see and the other is follow up with my occupational therapist.  I am supposed to be trying to take a five minute walk in the mornings.  Anxiety has me not being able to complete this task.  I’m tracking my sleep and my daily activities but I can’t see how this is helping my depression.

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Yesterday’s Bloom Instagram Challenge #BloomIGchallenge was vintage and new.  I used the two covered dishes that my grandmother gave me.  The old is a covered dish that was painted by her friend Lola Bonnot and has an inscription to Marianna from Lola.  The new (which I’ve had for 20 years) is the Old Country Roses covered dish that my gram gave me a long time ago.  So this got me thinking about Lola, I’ve heard so much about her over the years and my gram going to California to visit her.  I’ve googled her and it says she was born in California.  I don’t think that’s right but will check with gram later today.

Tonight is the international fireworks.  I’m going to have two scared pupalups because they just don’t like them.  I fireworksremember it being such a wonderous time going down to see them and then hours upon hours to get home.  They’re shown on the Detroit River between Windsor, Ontario and Detroit, Michigan.  They’re supposed to celebrate our Canada Day and the US’s Independence Day so they have them on June 22nd.  This has never made sense that every year it gets earlier and earlier into June.  I just don’t like being in the throngs of millions of people and feel for my hubby who has to drive down in the middle of all the madness.

Writing again has been good for me.  I enjoy it and find peace and calm in it.

I’m thinking how my baby girlie will graduate high school this week.  I goes by so fast.  In just a few weeks our oldest boy is getting married.  Time is flying by.

So what are you thinking of or reflecting about this week?

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