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After a busy week of doctor’s and therapy appointments I was exhausted.  I only have three this week.  I’m adjusting, slowly to the medication changes and find I’m sleeping better but I’m also more tired during the day.

My OT wanted me to work on a few of my Zero Day Project items so that I could have plans.  One of my items was Family Game night.  All our kidlets – all five of them were here Friday for a BBQ for father’s day and cake for the youngest’s graduation from high school.  Well we played Cards Against Humanity.  I tied with the youngest boyo as a winner with 8 cards in the end.  It was nice having all the kids together and just having lots of laughs.

Today I see my chiropractor who has been working towards his neurology specialty.  He’s been studying under. Dr. Ted. Carrick who has worked on players like Sydney Crosby.  I’m a little apprehensive but hopeful.  It’s expensive but right now it’s not as expensive as it will be.  I’ve been waiting a month but Dr. Carrick has a two year waiting list.  

Check out the video here 

I spent most of Saturday and Sunday basically recovering from such a busy week.  My body tells me to sleep and I do.

I’m keeping up on my planner, the homework from the OT and other doctors.  IMG_8869

Goals, get out for walks everyday, get to yoga even just once this week and purge my closet.

I’d like to say Happy Birthday to one of my daughter’s best friends.  I bought her a glass of wine two years ago in Paris for her 16th birthday but today I can’t do that she’s only old enough to vote, gamble and get married.  An adult in every sense except alcohol.  That’s next year.  Happy Birthday Cat!  

Love you!


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