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I’ve updated a few of the pages, AI’s and The Road Less Travelled.  I will modify them as I go on but I’ve placed my diagnosis and the terms on the Autoimmune (AI’s for short) and the Road Less Travelled I’ve updated where I’ve been and the template for the Round the World trip with my daughter.  So take a look at the pages, give me suggestions and feedback!

I have FIVE doctor and therapy appointments.  Not including the early morning blood draw I had this morning.  It had to be fasting and surprisingly it was only six vials this time!  I’m on a every three month testing because of the abnormal liver issues.

IMG_8869I got my Erin Condren 18 month planner.  I ordered the ship it now version and was able to pick a new cover set that is already being delivered.  My planner is everything I wanted and more.  I ordered TWO wellness planners and it’s for fitness, food intake etc. but I do all that with my Fitbit and the myfitnesspal apps.  I need to figure a way to make it a health journal for all my AI’s.  I want to track symptoms, medications, moods, etc.

This book is supposed to change my life. I started reading it last night before bed but didn’t get far.  I need to start over.  I’m told I will throw out a lot of stuff.  I have too much stuff and need to simplify my life.  The only thing is my energy levels are so low right now IMG_8868

I finally got a round table for my living room.  Ignore the computer and towel at the end of the couch it’s there because the dogs will put their front paws if they hear something outside. My daughter said last night that she felt that the living room was like her campus hangout.  It was her favorite place at school so I’m going to take that as a


IMG_9004I am doing and Influencer campaign for the Viva Vantage paper towels.  I’ve gone through one roll already.  Yesterday I used them for cleaning my new to me table with pledge and the glass top with window cleaner.  I’ve shared how much I love these on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.  #stretchitout and I #gotthemfree


So what are you doing this Monday?  What are your goals?

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