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I really Like/Need:Hoodie

I have no idea exactly how I stumbled upon ExOfficio but with Lupus you can’t be in the sun as it can bring a flare.  When I saw this hoodie, I decided that I needed it so that I would have something light coloured, light weight and had sun protection in it.  This hoodie fits the bill.  I have a few lightweight hoodies from other stores but I think this will become my new favorite.  I really think it would be a great birthday present.  I think that the company would make a great sponsor of people with illnesses like Lupus where sun is not good for you.

Email Spam / Junk mail = Pet Peeve 

I swear it’s the worst in my yahoo account which I’ve had the longest.  I can’t just delete the account as I have that set up as my main internet email.  I’m selling my daughter’s last Irish dance dress because she retired and the sites I have it on use that address.  I really don’t like the format for yahoo mail, I’ve become a fan of gmail but someone has my nickname.

My Brain

I’ve had THREE migraines this past week.  I’m going to take it as the brain exercises work!  I have another appointment today and am happy that the hubby gets to go with me.

Autoimmune Updates

I’ve been getting rashes on my hands, one arm and my upper thighs.  They blister then scar and this is a totally normal thing for the Lupus.  I feel like all I do is sleep, journal, appointments and sleep again or I have insomnia.  I have to start scheduling things I want to do and if I don’t do it I need to figure out why.  More paperwork.

Subscription Boxesbirchbox

Birchbox sent a we’re sorry code to the Canadian subscribers that was 10% off and free shipping.  I had 700 points so Iordered two of the full size Amika dry shampoo.  My daughter will get her own and I will HIDE mine.  I’m cancelling Birchbox for a while.  It’s a good value but I have enough sample size items to take on several trips.  My July Birchbox is blah so that solidified my cancelling it.

I receiveEnCd my Elizabeth and Clarke shirt order.  I only got two this time as theywere the ones I only liked.  The Kelley is a soft ballet pink tank style dressy blouse and it fits perfect. The other top was the Emilia and it’s a classic white linen long sleeved top with roll up sleeves.  I have already cancelled my order for the fall as I jumped in on their Unstoppable tops with stain resistance built in.  Those will come in September.

I signed the pupalups up for a three month Barkbox because they had a deal with an extra toy.  After their first box, I sent an email that they needed to be in the heavy chewers club.  They have only destroyed the Bee Bumm and really don’t get the treat dispensing toy.

Other Musings

Hubby made steaks last night and they were really good.  He had heard about pan searing but then heard this other way. Even though they were well done they were still awesome tasting steaks.  I have to thank the girlie because she went to the grocery store because she wanted to make some Thai noodles.   We never got the noodles?  I have to check my planner because I don’t know if my appointment is at 11am or 4pm.  Brain fog and forgetfulness suck.

I think its time for a tea.  What are you plans for the week?

Journey with me…mini2z

PS that’s Ranger over to the right in my Instagram feed photo.  That’s how he sleeps most of the time.


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