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So much was going on today.

Chiropractor’s office for me, my rib went back in good but my neck is jammed up. I go back on Saturday with my girlie. I think she has a rib out too! About eight years ago, we were camping and I thought I had a knot under my shoulder blade, turns out it was my rib out. The ligaments stretched so it pops out al the time and I still think I have a knot.

Headaches have been because of my neck or the base of my skull. I find myself trying to relax when I’m on the computer or my phone. I need more yoga.

My mom bought me a tunic top for my birthday. I can wear it as a top, beach cover or with leggings.

I bought a cute skirt, three pairs of jean shorts and two tanks. Tomorrow night I will be donating four or more tops, a pair if pants and several pairs of shorts. My mom got the pair of jean shorts I had on today during the day out.

I got a few more items including a pair of sleep shorts. The rest will be revealed at a later date.

I’m working on the Project 333 and reducing my clothing by a lot. I’ve lost 30 lbs in the past year and I’m holding at my current size and weight. I’ve splurged on a few items, like the skirt.
It’s a fun white with navy or black stripes, I have a white midi and a black maxi skirt. I also have a turquoise maxi skirt that I bought in Italy. So anything else I find will go for donating or packed up.

I’m on vacation but I was ordered into work tomorrow. After I made to call I was told to make, I had to go into work today too.

So I tackle the trailer tomorrow night or Saturday, yeah actual work on a vacation is enough.

Goodnight Thursday


More details on this photo to come!
PS I can’t take a selfie

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