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For some reason I thought I did a blog on this before?  I do have memory issues and I couldn’t find one specifically on just where I blog.  I personally like write only on my laptop.  It’s something about my fingers flying over the keyboard that I like. Trying to do a blog post from my iPhone has been done and I start some drafts that way if there is a particular photo I want to add.  I’m sure I could do one on my iPad as it is bigger but I love my laptop even though it runs hot and has to be plugged in after an hour.

I spend a lot of time on my couch.  I like having the big window and the sun come in for it to be bright in the house.  I can’t be in the sun so seeing the brightness makes me happy. I love my couch, it’s big and comfy and I usually have a dog beside me.  If it’s a really bad day and really can’t do anything but get up to go to the bathroom then I’m in the bedroom. There really is only a fifteen foot difference. I have this fake window at the end of my bed that I dream of being in a hammock on the beach.

Since I’ve been sick or sicker I’m home except for the many doctor’s appointments I’m going to so I’ve made this space my own.


secondary blogging ©mini2z

I hope you liked a little look into “where I blog” from the assignment for day six of writing 101.

Journey with me … mini2z



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  • I thought you had as well.
    I went to look at my Poll and it is not there anymore.
    And I know I posted it.
    I went and looked at the POLL chart and it was listed. So what happened to it. GRRRRRRRR .
    I hope you are feeling better.
    I feel ..well I can’t say how bad I feel on here but I know you understand. Are you feeling any better?
    No Spoons to give from me. Mine are already used up for the week.
    Love you. Sarah

        • The low grade fever, total body ache,nausea can all go away
          It’s been a week
          Just took two robaxacet 8 & 2 gravol – the robaxacet has Tylenol ,muscle relaxer & Codine, gravol is for nausea

          • Do you almost always run a low grade fever? I always have a temp of 100 . If not 101. Gravol does wonders for nausea.
            I need to eat better but we can’t afford to. I have been eating bread because it is cheap and it tastes good. The bakery bread at the grocery store Tastes homemade . costs $1.00. It never makes me sick.
            Well it does, but I never feel sick when I eat it.
            It is so hard trying to eat right . It costs more.
            Are you feeling better?
            I am slightly.
            Had a doctor’s appointment this morning. All is good.

          • I did run a temp for almost 2 years but this is total flu like but not flu? My chest has pressure & had my mom pick up Gatorade & boost and if I get worse I’m going to have to go to the hospital cuz I’m not getting relief

          • I feel like that when I get a flare. The constant flu like symptoms are terrible. People have no idea what we go through. That’s how I am feeling this week but even worse than usual.
            My allergies aren’t helping.
            Sad things is, even in the hospital, they can only do so much.
            Keep me updated when you can. Love you. Sending prayers love and support.
            Hang in there.
            As if you have any choice. <3

  • Thank you for visiting me at mini2z ... Journey with me and I hope to see you often xx

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