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On a normal day I don’t wear mascara.  I wear contacts or glasses and more so my glasses because my eyes get so dry from the Lupus.  When I signed up for this campaign I knew I would have to actually try it.  Truth be told I’m lazy with make up and always found mascara irritated my eyes.


So I tried it a few times but forgot to take photos of myself except for the one time.  It was okay, it didn’t bother my eyes and didn’t flake off (until the morning – I said I’m lazy and that include makeup removal).  It didn’t give me super long defined lashes and I have NO clue how people can get super long thick lashes.  I used 3-5 coats of mascara and it was barely noticeable on me. I will use it up for the next couple months and then I will try something else but I won’t buy it again.  If you can make your lashes long then this might be for you but it’s not my favorite.


I #GotItFree from BzzAgent.  Thank you BzzAgent and CoverGirl for allowing me to try the Full Bloom waterproof mascara.

Thanks for reading my BzzAgent Blog report on my trial with CoverGirl.

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