My Three Worst Symptoms 


I have several symptoms that I live with every single day due to Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Hashimoto’s and Diabetes.   Some of the symptoms are normal that you get used to them.  There are others you don’t ever get used to such as a constant headache, joints hurting or chronic fatigue.

1. Nausea – for me nausea has been a constant for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week going on for over a year now.  I’ve had two children and never had morning sickness this bad with either of them.  My doctors have no clue as to why I’m experiencing nausea, only that it’s “lupus related”.  I really hate the catch-all phrases like Lupus Related, Oh that’s just the Fibromyalgia, or it’s the medication.  I take a medication daily that is prescribed to person’s undergoing Chemotherapy.  I also take Gravol in which I can buy over the counter.  There are days that every movement causes nausea to increase.  I also wear sea bands quite frequently and I’m not even sure that they work.

2. Memory or Brain Fog – for me my memory has become so bad.  I have so many apps on my phone to help, I use sticky notes on my computer and I have things written on real paper all over the house. I try to keep things in the same spots or I will forget where the item is when I need it.  If I’m talking to you I may forget what I want to tell you mid-sentence.  It’s bad and getting worse.

Sleep for me is never what its supposed to be because I don't have restorative sleep Click To Tweet

3. Pain – for me I can say my whole body hurts.  I have chronic migraines and I wouldn’t wish a migraine on anyone, ever!  I also have pain in all my joints, some are worse than the others.  For me, the arthritic pain started in my feet.  Now it’s my hips, knees, shoulders, neck, back and my left SI joint.  How one part of my body can cause so much pain is just baffling.  The SI joint pain causes me to basically sleep on my back and I’m a side sleeper.  If I move, there is a grinding of bones as I move from one side to the other.

Sleep for me is never what its supposed to be because I don’t have restorative sleep.  Since I bought a weighted blanket, my sleep has been much better and I’m not as restless.  A weighted blanket is a tool I’d suggest for anyone who has chronic fatigue due to illness. I bought mine from Red Barn Blankets.  I was able to choose the size, material, and the weight.  They also washed the cotton prior to making the blanket because materials can cause me to get rashes.  I’m also seeing a pain care doctor weekly who now gets all my laboratory work as well.

I know that you really can’t ever get used to any symptoms but they become part of your new “normal.”

What are your top three symptoms that you just can’t “get used to”?

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  • Right on when you say that it’s our ‘normal’ but not something we really ever get used to!

    Not sure what mine would be. But every morning when i wake i clench my fist just to see it it still aches. Of couse it does, what was I expecting? 😉

  • I’m really sorry you’re experiencing nausea every day, that must be awful. I get it from time to time and that’s bad enough.
    My worst symptom is constant crippling exhaustion. Thanks for the tip about the weighted blanket, I’ll have to look into it.

  • I totally relate to this post and am sorry you struggle with these symptoms too. My worst symptoms are definitely daily nausea and daily pain, especially head pain. I get many different kinds of headaches and migraines and all are awful.

    • It’s hard to even have a normal day when pain and nausea are there 24/7. Sorry that you’re going thru this too 💜

      • Definitely. I often feel like I’m halfway in two worlds. Trying my best to work and parent and all my other responsibilities, while half of me is in the pain/symptom world. It’s always there.

        • I’m just thankful that my worst has come when my kids were in high school and on but I still disappointed my daughter a lot of times

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