So what would National Dog Day be without an emergency trip to the vet?  Ranger was acting very strange when I came home from my doctor’s appointments.  He didn’t greet me at the fence, refused to come when called and was frantically eating grass.  Finally got him in the house and he refused a drink from the tub which is where he only drinks water from in the house.  He didn’t want COOKIES!  I called the vet and they told us to bring him in.  He was still frantic there and at the vet’s.  After a look over and a temperature check (yeah not fun there) then the doc found the bite mark in his mouth.  Poor boy has a badly swollen mouth. Benadryl for the pupalup in cheese every six hours for 24 hours….Keely didn’t like that she was left alone.  


Ranger Sleeping in the sun in the dirt in his favorite spot


Barkbox August

Yesterday the pupalups also known as Keely the fox red Labrador Retriever and Ranger the brindle Boxer Wheaton Terrier mix. 

They’re both so unique but are such a bonded pair now.  

They have their own Instagram account with almost 700 followers. Yes I said almost 700.  You can find them here @keelyandranger  You will find more photos of Ranger because Keely does not like the camera or phones….

Today is dedicated to the pupalups as it’s National Dog Day and there is a facebook page too.

IMG_0080 IMG_0092


IMG_9627 IMG_9632 IMG_9636 IMG_9626

I hope you enjoy the photos of the pupalups and

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