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happy new year Curacao swim with a wild turtle

happy new year Curacao swim with a wild turtle

Where have I been? 

My last blog post was at the end of October.  So much has gone on since my last blog post such as my extra daughter came for a visit for a week, we got our basement finished, I had a whirlwind 48 hours with my daughters to Niagara Falls, our last Christmas as one big family all together, my son got a great job but means and so much more!  I believe my very next appointment with my Pain Care Doctor I was prescribed with the Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN).  I can no longer use any opioid medications as they will not work because of the LDN.  I’ve had an okay transition but finding that it’s helping for some of the joint pain but the deep burning in my hips and the SI joint it doesn’t work.  The strongest I can take of anything is Robaxacet which is just acetaminophen and a muscle relaxer.  Trying to find my way through this has been hard.

I was surprisingly approved for a medical cannabis prescription in just about eight days Click To Tweet

After two full months on the LDN my doctor suggested Medical Marijuana/ Cannabis.  We filled out the forms and his office submitted them.  I was surprisingly approved for a medical cannabis prescription in just about eight days later.  I received an email from Cannimed and did a lot of reading of the reviews on the three strains that they have and found that the oil that would be best for me the 1:20 Oil which has almost no THC ( 1 ) and more of the CBD ( 20 ).  It has a 4.5-star rating and it is the oil that children can take.  I ordered it right away and it was delivered just a day and a half later.  I started using the medical cannabis right away with the 05 ml liquid dose.  Oh my, the taste was absolutely horrible.  You see, you need to put the oil in your mouth, under your tongue and it absorbs into your system.  I kind of just figured out what the doctor meant by titrating the dose and I found what I was working for me.  After about four weeks using just the 1:20 CBD oil, my doctor suggested using something with more THC so I ordered the 10:10 oil and found out later that there is micro-dosing (so that you use the right amount at the lowest dose possible). So the 10:10 oils are talked about as 1:1 dosages for the micro-dosing after I found a wonderful support group on Facebook for Women in Canada:   SheCann   Have I mentioned that between the LDN and the medical cannabis are working?  My nausea had been cut down by I’d say 50 percent, the weekly trigger point injections are helping for about four days now and I’m sleeping well again thanks to the medical cannabis.  It’s not all good because I’m still fainting, heart racing and the deep bone pain in my hips and my SI joints.

We are a group of Canadian women who thought that we needed a place for us to share our experiences with medical Cannabis

What I’m working on now is figuring out how I can keep advocating for myself and for others who are warriors like me of Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Migraines, Chronic Pain, Hashimoto’s, Diabetes, along with depression and anxiety.  I’ve wanted to write but I was finding it hard to actually write what I was feeling because of so much of a whirlwind that’s been my health and our family.  I guess they call it writer’s block but I feel like I’m going to commit to writing once a week.

Family Christmas with ALL my Kidlets

Saying Goodbye Again …

Photo of me captured by Sandy



Do you like to see photos in blogs?  Do you just like reading the blog or are visuals good for you as well?  How are you feeling and dealing with your journey through you illness?

Thanks for following me on my journey to finding me again.

Journey with me … mini2z 

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  • Am happy to see you’re writing again, and that the cannabis is helping with the pain! It’s tough to get anything done with depression, much less blogging.

    Personally I think just start small and simple, and write what’s closest to your heart. Pics are always nice, but if it drains your precious energy, then there’s no point giving it to readers anyway. Sending much love and good thoughts! x

  • Thank you for visiting me at mini2z ... Journey with me and I hope to see you often xx

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