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IMG_0227 So today is one of those days.  It’s been a high pain and total exhausted week.  My sleep was getting good and now it’s all messed up.  I’m sleeping in bits and pieces again and I know it’s the medication changes. I thought this weekend was supposed to be nice and sunny but it’s hot, humid and very cloudy with a chance of thunderstorms.  I’d say it’s gonna storm.  
 Only two more days in August and only two more blog posts and I will have achieved another goal which was to blog every day for a month.  I’m going to do the A – Z photo challenge next month.  I guess that is in just two days now.  I have orders from two or three of my doctors to try to get out of the house and be more a part of life of the living.  Plan is to take my pretty camera OUTSIDE and take the A – Z photos all outdoors.  I can’t make any promises but I will do my best.

I was picked yesterday for a new blog post.  I completed a survey and was able to pick four full size products to try and write about them later in September.  I can tell you that the products are Gluten Free and because I live a GF diet I was chosen.  My blog post on the products will be shared on their social media so this is kind of cool.  I chose a product that is for reducing redness, one for moisturizing the body with an SPF, one for the darkness under my eyes and one for deep cleaning my face.  I’m happy because everything is FREE and full size so I can really get a feel on how they work for me.

IMG_0262My new Erin Condren monthly planner came.  I jumped the gun and ordered the wrong kind for me in the beginning.  I have decided that I will used that one for my journal and the new smaller one for keeping my appointments in order.  I used to do everything on my phone but I feel that I need to write everything out to get a good understanding.  The new one has a note section so I can make lists, write out ideas, grocery list etc.  All the covers are interchangeable so I can use whatever combo I want.  The new one will fit better in my pouch along with the iPad that I have to keep with me for the brain exercises.  Right now it’s a complete unorganized mess.  My brain is a mess, my body is a mess, my house is a mess but I’m getting things done.  It may take me a lot more time but getting back on track.

Yesterday I had a surprise.  I have a new follower and I’d like to say a special hello to my hubby Gerry who joined WordPress just so that he could like my blog posts.  I didn’t make him or even ask him to on here.  I did for my blog’s Facebook page and he liked that last week.  So thank you Gerry, I love you.IMG_0243

IMG_0247Last night my crazy dog decided he was going to check out my almost empty closet.  He brought a toy in there and then my daughter closed the door on him.  He figured out how to open it quickly and then made himself comfy for the night.


I had no idea what I wanted to write about today but I’m already running out of spoons.   I think it’s naptime already. I feel so messed up.

Until later or tomorrow…journey with me … mini2z

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  • This is the best kind of post. The off the cuff just writing post. Although I hate the idea of it having to do with you not feeling well. It is just wrong when medicines OFTEN make you feel worse than you did before you started taking them.
    Love you.

  • Thank you for visiting me at mini2z ... Journey with me and I hope to see you often xx

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