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Fun photos before Sandy goes back to Thailand

 Se hugging Sandy at Pearson before going back to Thailand

My Girlies hugging

One year ago, as facebook has reminded me, I brought my daughter and Sandy who became my extra daughter to Toronto for her long flight home to Thailand.

Se went to Washington and was in a room with her friends Catherine and Cristina who I knew from our travels to Europe the summer before.  In their room was their friend Sandy from Thailand.  After that weekend Se told me how unhappy Sandy was at her host family and could she live with us?  Well of course I said well where will we put her?  We don’t have an extra room, what if she doesn’t like it here, are we allowed to let her live with us?  So many questions and a week later we had an extra daughter.  I had phone interview with Sandy’s program contact which was over an hour long and then we met Sandy and the lady from the youth organization that the program was through.  I’d never heard of the program and I had no clue that I would gain an extra daughter from this experience.

Sandy was supposed to go home July 2nd and we had to get her parent’s permission and Thailand’s permission for her to stay and extra almost two months so we could take her on vacation with us.  Camping in Sauble Beach and so much more.

Sandy learned to pop in to see me in my room and update me with the goings on of her day the same as my kidlets.  I clearly remember both girls jumping on my bed and Sandy asking, “where is FUZZY?” I had this fuzzy blanket that she associated with our daily/nightly talks in the bedroom.  I remember finding the perfect “blankie” to send to Sandy even though I don’t think I’ve ever seen a news or weather report without it being 80 degrees.  I sent her a fuzzy cream coloured blankie and she loved it.

I remember saying to my son that it was Sandy’s last night here and we were getting take out and he’d better be here and be nice.  Sandy saw my real son that night, we had fun, ate too much and giggled.  I didn’t want it to end.  We left for Toronto the next morning really early.  We wanted to get there so we could get some shopping in before Sandy went home. We got to the hotel and OMG it looked like someone had been killed in the hotel, three attempts at rooms later and I said, Nope I’ll find another hotel… I found a hotel that Se and I had stayed at under with a different brand name, we went to the mall and dinner and then sad part of going to the airport.  Well after an hour at the airport and not seeing Sandy’s flight pop up and not checking in, we asked a nice lady from Air France what was up.  Well she explained that the airline Sandy was flying with usually flew out in the mornings.  So I was freaked out that she missed her flight…it turns out we there a day early!  Back to the hotel, ice cream and relaxing and alarms set for the morning.

A couple days ago, I woke to find that a bomb had gone off in Bangkok, Thailand.  I knew Sandy wasn’t in the city but had moved outside shortly after returning home.  But the mom in me still worried for her and her family.  A short while later I received a message from Sandy that all was well with everyone and oh she got her driver’s licence!

So one year ago, I sent my daughter on a flight to Thailand back to her parents.  I didn’t know that my biological daughter’s, “mom…I love you…” would mean so much to us and that and that I would gain an extra daughter in the process.

2014-07-25 11.57.36

Sandy was with us for our new trailer, my new car, camping, the adventure park and so many more amazing memories. Love you Sandy!

Sandy I love you and I know we will see each other again!

Me with my girlies at Sauble Beach, ON

Me with my girlies at Sauble Beach 2014

Adventure Park, Ropes Course, Michigan, Best Friends and Sisters

Adventure Park, Ropes Course, Michigan, Best Friends and Sisters

goofy photo after the Adventure Park in Bloomfield, MI

Being Goofy after the twilight course at the Adventure Park in Bloomfield, MI

So until we see you again Sandy, know we love you and miss you everyday!

I hope you enjoyed my memories of a special girlie!

Journey with me…mini2z

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Me and Sandy

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