PJ Day In Bed

Today is a PJ day.

I have more PJ days now than when I was a kid I think.  When all you can think is my whole body hurts so bad and the bathroom is so so so far away (next to your bedroom) getting dressed and out of bed is not an option.

My awesome mom has made and delivered two teas to me in my room.  The pupalups are with me, yes on the bed honey I’m sorry but when I’m in this much pain, they know and they actually calm me.  Think of the as my special at home Emotional Support animals and they need to be here with me.


My Room with a View, Sheepie mug, set for the day in bed 

I shared this article on The Spoon Theory by Christine Miserandiro on my personal Facebook page and a good friend who has known me for 18 years commented that she “never really realized the extent of Lupus.  While I’m having a super bad day, that made me smile because one more person “gets it”!  Yesterday, I read the story to my gram because she didn’t understand about spoons.

Yesterday, my awesome No More Spoons Only Knives Left arrived.  It’s a Lupus Ontario fundraiser from Gargantua  I love it!  It’s a thin top for those sweats but it’s also an XXL. Normally I wear a large top so they run small.  $5.00 is donated to Lupus Ontario.


Only Knives Left

So while I think I look great for an old lady with an even older feeling body but I think I look okay in the photo with no make up, my rash hardly is visible on my face.

Some sites to check out:

  •  http://www.lupusontario.org/   Where I live and need to get a local support group going
  • https://www.mylupusteam.com/ – get to know others with lupus
  • http://www.mollysfund.org/ just so much information on Lupus


So stop by, say hi, I’m finding I’m not staying awake long at all.  Also, this post is shared to the Facebook page for the blog.

Journey with me … mini2z


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