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Today I went to the Organic Fair. I couldn’t bring my daughter because the ad said there would be balloons there. My daughter has a severe latex allergy that just started last year. She’s 16 and is also newly allergic to nuts. At least nuts she can still be around them. So I dragged my mom along as I didn’t want to go alone. My mom likes to talk to everyone I guess I know where I get it.

My sole purpose was to get organic honey for the dogs. Yes my dogs get a teaspoon of honey twice a week for their skin, allergies and just to be good for them. I bought three bottles for $25 and my last jar was $15 so I think I got a good deal. I also got their address should I need more.

When we arrived, the centre was cold. All the venders were in the gym area and there were lots of them. I only brought $60 with me so I wouldn’t overspend. I bought a goat’s milk organic soap and received a lemongrass heal balm to try. It was in a little leaf shape. If it works I will buy the full size. . The company is Faerhaven and you can find them on Facebook. All products are all natural and chemical free.

I then stopped by a tea booth and I LOVE tea but there was no one there to help or explain their products.

I went to the LemonDropper essential oils booth. This was the other one I wanted to check out. The kit I want it $140 so that will have to wait but it contains the three I need for allergies. Or I may get the full kit.

I also picked up a bag coconut sugar. It’s only 5 carbs per teaspoon so for baking or if I need some sweetness on something then I have an all natural substitution. The girl also gave me some samples of it and of liquid iron. That was at the Leamington Pharmacy Wellness booth.

I also picked up some milkweed seeds to plant in the front of the house for the butterflies. I also picked the sunflower seed and thyme seeds as a free gift when we went in. All planting have to go in the front of the house due to the puppy destructos.

Stopped at Shoppers for a few things we needed for the house and Toms of Maine stuff was on sale so I got a toothpaste and deodorant to try. I also picked up a Watkins Lavender pack to try.



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