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Trying to simplify and I added the WordPress app to my iPhone and my URL isn’t loading correctly. New to this any suggustions would be great!

mini2z lost in blogging 

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It’s now three days before I set off on an adventure with my 15 year old daughter & thirty or so people I don’t know. I’m a pessimist but I’m trying to look at this as a new beginning.  My daughter still likes me, most of the time at least and I want to enjoy this trip. 15 days, four countries and six cities.  Yes it’s going to be one hell of an adventure.

I can’t sleep & I think the girlie is still awake. My mind is racing with the packing left to do and the what am I forgetting on this journey.

MI was going to bring a journal and write about my day but this is more my style. I’m a tech junkie and my iPhone 5 is my medium for this new beginning.

On July 3rd we set off from home to London, England. The wether looks like it still greet us with a smile. I want to smile, laugh, absorb all life has to give me for this new beginning.


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