Pre-operation Jitters Journey

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We are on our way to an adventure to a new hospital in an unfamiliar city.
I have no clue what is involved today, I have a file of lab reports. Dr reports and forms for my Dr there to fill out so I get my disability pay while I’m recovering.

I’m not the type of person who likes the unknown. Googling my surgery was a bad idea. I won’t include the video it’s gross.

I feel like a druggie bringing all my medications but the hospital wants to see them on the original bottles.

At least my hubby is with me, the sun is out and highway 401 is dry!

I’m going with this theme for life right now!


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  • We need courage in the most unexpected situations. I am glad hubby is with you. Complex medical conditions can benefit from a stand back approach by someone else. Good luck.

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