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I’ve written about my diabetes and hashimoto’s hypothyroidism.  They’re both seemingly under control.  I’m sure my A1c will be up because my morning fasting blood glucose has been high.

Since September I’ve been battling periods of extreme fatigue, headaches, whole body and joint aches.  I’ve since found out that I have Lupus on top of everything else.  Do to my liver having an issue being fatty I need more tests and another new doctor.  So that will put me up to four doctors I will see regularly.  It’s so damn frustrating.  Oh and the Lupus doctor added that, “you have Fibromyalgia.  The medication I take for nerve pain is what would be prescribed for that.

I’m drinking my morning tea and procrastinating on all the things I have to do.   I’m making stew for dinner, it’s one of my comfort foods. Then I’m off to return some boots and mail a few packages.

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