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What are the Milestones?

I’ve reached several milestones in the past couple of weeks. I just posted my 450th blog post.  I originally started this blog as a way to keep family updated when my daughter and I went to Europe in the summer of 2013.  I wasn’t sure what access I’d have to talk to family and friends and wanted to share photos.  My “blog” sort of stopped for almost a year and reinvented itself a couple times since then.  I remembered that writing in a journal was therapeutic to me but I hate actually writing so this worked.  I found that sharing my journey helps others and helps me as well.  I realized today that blogging became my transition from a “dance mom” (if I used Feis lots of people would be what’s that mean?).

Photo by @sports dad Hub

I’m done with the crazy and I think it fuelled me. I miss the socialization with friends I made with other parents, I miss the extra kidlets, I miss the travel and being gone once a month or more. I think when I slowed down I realized I’d been neglecting me and didn’t listen to my body and the cues when I first started getting sick. I know that as I stepped away and didn’t have a “project” the depression became noticeable in me and I learned to say no but I also closed myself away.
It is strange not having most nights filled, planning the next weekend away, not planning our annual Muskegon camping/feis trip and not having vacation booked in November for the Oireachtas.
Enjoy your time with your kids because in the blink of your eye they’re in college, working, out with friends and you see them fleetingly here and there.
My house is quiet, my nights are quiet but I cherish all the time I spent with Travis and Sierra

Instagram:  I celebrated the 400 followers milestone mark in the past week.  My current Instagram was started because my first one had way more posts of my pupalups.  They have almost 700 followers on their own account at keelyandranger.  I have to say of all the social media, I love Instagram best, it’s easy post a photo and a description and then share to other social media it’s so easy.  It’s also so easy to switch between my mini2z and keelyandranger.

Twitter:  For the longest time I had my Twitter set to private because it was a the one social media that was just mine.  I used it for following news for the most part and my immediate family.  Only one of our kids uses it now, two have it but really don’t use it. I use it everyday and have found a new #tribe on Twitter  with other spoonies.  Twitter is my new love! As you can see, I hit 500 followers there.  I don’t set out looking for followers but I’m happy to have them!

Facebook: I have to say this is now 100!  I have my blog set up to automatically post to Facebook.  I repost all posts I see from my fellow Chronic Illness Bloggers.  I also share posts from other bloggers that interest me.

Pinterest: 1.4K – Pinterest is an amazing social media tool.  I have to admit most of my posts there are travel related.  I may be sick but I still want to see the world.  I just have to figure a way to do it with my illnesses.

I sold a photo on Twenty20 after an email I completely forgot I had. I uploaded a bunch of Europe Photos and Pupalup photos of Keely and Ranger #keelyandranger.  Two dollars in my Paypal is still money that goes toward the fee of self hosting my blog.  It was a photo of Ranger that was bought from the collection I uploaded.  It’s a pretty cool feeling when you sell something.
Twenty20 sold a photo of Ranger for $2

I’ve been having a lot more migraines.  I’m still waiting to hear when I will get the referral to the neurologist so I can get started on Botox to try and help get the migraines reduced.  Where there are migraines, my nausea just gets worse. I really believe that between being pregnant with both kids I wasn’t sick even a quarter amount of the time then than I am now.  I was given an insulin pen and a chart with how many units I need to take.  I may have to take an injectable cholesterol medication that isn’t a statin that I can’t take after trying them all.  I hate needles so giving myself injections will be interesting.  So far I haven’t gone over 9.1.  Part of my issues are I’m not eatting much because of the nausea.  I love (not) that I perplex my doctors.

I only have one doctor’s appointment this week for me that I can remember at this time.
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