Rough Day

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Some days things don’t go as planned.  I should have known when I woke up choking way too early that it wasn’t a going to be a good day.  I had an appointment with the foot doctor a couple towns over.  My hubby drove and it was overcast but I thought it would be a nice day out.  Well the bad news was I have to have surgery on both my feet.  I am able to get them both done at the same time so only three months of recuperating instead of one foot then the other.  Due to my diabetes I get to go first in the day for the surgery.  The nurse thought I was super nice that I was waiting until January to get the surgery.  No I’m not super nice, I’m afraid of the surgery and I don’t want to piss off my employer even more since I just went back to work after four months of sick leave.  So I have to get my big toes fused to my foot on both my feet.  Sounds lovely and there goes ever wearing high heals again.  Apparently I won’t be able to do everything in yoga and I will never be able to surf.  Surfing was on my bucket list.

The hubby and I were going to stop to look at toy hauler fifth wheel trailers on the way home but we had other plans.  You see we were on the way to stop at the trailer dealership and hubby asked if I felt a vibration in the truck. Nope well maybe a wobble but not really.  He pulled over and we had a flat tire.  So we drove back to the last gas station and he tried to fill up the tire, nope was blowing out as much air as was going into it.  We have automobile insurance for this reason.  They sent out a little truck even though I told them we had a one tonne truck with dual wheels.  So that guy calls CAA back and the proceed to call us back a few times.  The long story shortened is they are not allowed to change tires on dual wheel trucks.  They sent a flatbed tow truck and he towed us to the place where we get our tires.  My mom picked us up there.  We didn’t get home until after 7:00 pm.  Our daughter still wanted the big steak BBQ that we had planned but hubby ordered pizza for him and the girls. The steaks are still marinating for dinner tonight and I woke up choking again today.  Is it bedtime yet? Image


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    • Yeah
      Lana not fun I’ve putting it off too long both at once yuck but at least 3 months of recuperating not surgery then heal the more surgery
      Just winter but wanna get it done & no pain the cortisone shots are at about 5 weeks apart now

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