Sad Day in Paris

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looking for a spot


mini2z on the love lock bridge in Paris, France


open spot?

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My beautiful daughter

Loving friends preparing their lock and their girlie

Loving friends preparing their lock and their girlie

I went to Paris in 2013 with my daughter as part of a 17 day trip around Europe.  One of the best memories was seeing all the kids put locks on the bridges and toss their keys into the Seine River.

One of my favorite photos of me that I use on most of my social media is on that beautiful bridge in Paris.

I also watched and photographed my daughter lock her lock and toss her key into the Seine River.

I had the opportunity to photograph another set of parents who placed their lock of love on the bridge.  Their daughter was a typical teen but it was a lovely moment.  (sorry Tia)

I’m seeing the news reports that their all being removed and I really hope the Paris government does something with them other than just trashing them.  They have an opportunity to use the locks as art but I fear the locks will all end up in the trash.

It’s very sad to see the news reports.

Did you ever put a lock on a bridge in Paris?

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