Sauble Beach 2014

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Every year we travel to Sauble Beach for our annual camping trip. How I still consider this camping is beyond me. We just got a new trailer, a 43 house on wheels. Our previous trailer was only 38 feet. We actually have less storage in this trailer but hubby was able to bring his new Harley. That was my reason for talking him into this new model. It has a garage so there is storage for the bike. The is room for the dogs crates too.

The pups didn’t travel so good, Keely our Lab hates cars and waster, my son calls her a broken lab. I agree, she’s lovable but hates cars and any waster. Once we got her they were good but travel home there is medication for her.

Since we have been here, the kidlets came up, six extra as well as the two we brought, extra pup and I couldn’t be happier. I love having everyone together! Even the pups are happy with extra peeps!

We’ve done a lot of adventures because we are showing our exchange student from Thailand all that there is to do here from camping to the drive-in to our hiking in the Grey Bruce. I’ve experienced so much this week compared to our extremely lazy summers that I think I need a vacation from my vacation.

Our boys came up for a weekend and I think this is our last summer with our girlie. We’ve gone from camping with four kidlets to a teen with two dogs. Somehow it’s the same but changed sooooo much over the years. We hiked today to Inglis Falls, we last hiked this over 16 years ago. Not was in shape back then!!

No matter what I will treasure my time at Sauble Beach. I was told that I’m a seasonal resident because of our yearly monthly travel to the area, I like that!

Four more days in the sun…

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